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    The Place Where You Can Achieve

    Ace your exams with Kings NExT Institute – India’s No 1 Residential NExT coaching institute

    Are you ready to pass your exams with confidence? Look no further, as Kings Institute provides professional and comprehensive guidance to ensure your success on exam day. We understand the significance of this milestone in your medical career and are fully committed to supporting you throughout the entire process.


    Our aim is to become a premier NExT / FMGE Institute recognized for providing exceptional medical education and training, producing highly skilled healthcare professionals that make positive contributions in the healthcare sectors worldwide.


    At Kings Institute, our aim is to offer high-quality education and training that prepares our students to excel at both NExT / FMGE exams as well as medical careers. We foster an educationally stimulating learning environment which nurtures academic development while simultaneously supporting personal and career advancement.

    Kings NEXT exam training institute strongly believes that every aspiring student has the potential to achieve & succeed in the FMGE exam - we're dedicated to helping each one reach his or her fullest potential and clear this FMGE/NExT Exam ! With our experienced and knowledgeable faculty team, you will be well trained with in depth knowledge of the subject concepts.

    Our focus is to provide exceptional education and training to our students so that they are cent percent prepared to crack the FMGE / NExT exam in the first attempt. Also with courses and programs specifically tailored for each student's individual needs, our institute ensures the students make it through their NExT / FMGE successfully. Each of our experienced India’s top medical doctor’s faculty is dedicated to offering individual attention so each student can reach his or her goal of passing the NExT / FMGE exam successfully.

    Kings NEXT Exam Training Institute

    Why Choose US

    Kings NEXT Exam Training Institute

    We have the best experts onboard

    At Kings institute, our experienced and knowledgeable faculty is dedicated to delivering top-quality instruction and training programs to our students. Every faculty is a top specialist in their area and boasts years of medical education experience.

    Kings NEXT Exam Training Institute

    Personalized Guidance throughout the journey

    Preparing for the NExT/FMGE exam can be daunting, but with Kings Institute by your side it becomes achievable. We provide comprehensive assistance that ensures you'll pass with confidence - everything from comprehensive study guides and mock exams, we have everything to make sure we equip you for success on exam day!

    Kings NEXT Exam Training Institute

    Top notch Facilities

    At our institute, we have all facilities including classrooms, laboratories and libraries with all of the latest teaching methods to guarantee our students receive top tier education and training.

    Kings NEXT Exam Training Institute

    Proven Track Record of Success

    Kings international medical academy places your success first, as evidenced by its stellar track record. Kings Institute has assisted numerous students to score impressively on the NExT/FMGE exam; our success stories speak for themselves as students regularly achieve high marks during exams. Join our top institute - No 1 Residential NExT coaching today to become part of its history of excellence!

    Kings NEXT Exam Training Institute

    Student-Centric Approach to Learning

    We take an individualized and customized approach to education for every one of our students, tailoring our attention towards helping each one meet his/her academic goals and needs

    Kings NEXT Exam Training Institute

    Carefully Curated Curriculum

    At KINGS NExT INDIA , we take pride in tailoring our learning experiences to meet the unique requirements and learning styles of each individual. Our expert guidance will help you navigate through complex exams with ease. Whether through our online classes or in-person sessions, we provide personalized learning experiences that cater to your preferences.

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    Kings NEXT Exam Training Institute

    Dr Siraj Ahmad

    Kings NEXT Exam Training Institute

    Dr Deepak Marwah

    Internal Medicine
    Kings NEXT Exam Training Institute

    Dr Yusuf Ali

    Kings NEXT Exam Training Institute

    Dr Naveen Porwal

    Kings NEXT Exam Training Institute
    Kings NEXT Exam Training Institute

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